Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Real Ale & Rain in the Roaches

Hey everyone! Have you caught up on your sleep yet? I'm still feeling like I've lost an hour, I must admit it's nice to have the lighter nights again but where has the sunshine gone? As I'm typing this all I can hear is the sound of rain hammering my window.

The weekend just gone Neil and I decided to take a spontaneous trip to visit my parents, as his weekend away working in Glasgow had been cancelled (the bad weather actually did me a favour!) My parents have a lovely little holiday flat which they rent out and it was a real treat to stay in it on Saturday night, we felt like we were on a little mini break away...

Upon arriving we settled ourselves in - by this I mean the classic get straight on the bed to test out its comfort - then popped across to the pub for some proper home cooked hearty food. Neil went for the Mixed Grill and I had the Rump Steak washed down of course with some Real Ale.

They had Peregrine Ale on which is brewed locally at Peakstones Rock, and five pence for each pint is donated to the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust. Follow the link here for more information on this beer and where to get your hands on a pint, if you enjoy pale ales then I would definitely recommend it!

After a few more drinks we headed back to the cosy flat and climbed in the massive super king bed; I had the best night sleep in a long time!

As we both live in the city we are very much used to the constant sound of cars, sirens and people so it was very relaxing to wake up to the sound of bird song rather than a car alarm for a change. It was a nice change to get up and sit with a cup of tea looking out at the countryside through the rain spattered windows.

Though we had planned walking, cycling and horse riding we didn't let the rain dampen our spirits and instead played a classic game of Guess Who? I seem to remember the game being much harder as a child.

I think we're planning on heading up to Newcastle for Easter weekend to stay with Neil's parents, so you'll be in for a Northern post some time next week! We hope to head out into the lovely Northumberland countryside for a good walk, I hear Hadrian's Wall is a must see!

How are you spending your Easter? I'm keeping my finger's crossed the weather picks up!


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