Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Save Sharrow's Streetlights

Today's post is taking a different view from the normal food photos, fairs I've visited and the lovely day to day things I get up to, and instead is being dedicated to lampposts! Now I know that doesn't sound very thrilling, but these aren't just any lampposts they are the 83 Victorian Lampposts around Sharrow Vale (my home) which are in a few days reported to be ripped out by the council and sold for scrap, replaced with modern LED ones.

I'm sure you are all aware of my passion for the past and my obsession with anything quaint and vintage so this destruction of history seems totally absurd to me. Wouldn't you agree?
Campaigners in my local area have set up a petition for the public to sign, expressing their wishes to keep the existing posts and simply modify them. I have signed this petition and urge anyone who hasn't to please get down to the Newsagents on Sharrow Vale Road and sign to save our quirky lampposts! They are something that makes our community unique and stand out from the ordinary, and are definitely worth preserving.

I believe heritage and tradition is worth fighting for, I know that we all need change to move forward but I'm a strong believer in preservation and recycling, so I see no reason why these Streetlights could not be fixed up and reused.

Please help, and sign the petition!
SOS - Save Our Streetlights


Thursday, 23 April 2015

Laughs, Loves & Little Things

Well I've been spending an awful lot of time outside recently and I'm not complaining, but it does make getting chance to blog a lot harder. Check out what I've been up to and see what Laughs, Loves and Little Things have happened in my week.

1. I sat in the park after work last week with the latest issue of my favourite magazine 'Country Living' trying to make the most of the beautiful weather we're having!

2. Another benefit of the weather.. BBQ's!! We invited Ben, Charlotte, Sidd and Stacey over at the weekend for one and had a very enjoyable night. Nothing beats good food and good company! (The lonely little sausage on my plate did get polished off by Neil don't worry!)

3. We made up a big batch of Pimm's and lemonade with plenty of fruit and mint! So refreshing on a hot day! 

4. I met up with Charlotte for a potter around the Sharrow Vale Market. We had very little self control that day, our bags gradually filling up with doughnuts, cheesecake, pastries and good quality jams.

5. Apparently the cakes weren't enough so we stopped of at Seven Hills Bakery for lunch as well. I went for the mushrooms on toast, a favourite of mine, and they did not disappoint!

6. It seems that everywhere I look trees are coated in blossom, such a pretty sight!!! 

7. I received this photograph of Belle from my mum. Isn't our little dog just the cutest, she love to sunbathe and is the biggest poser I know! 


Monday, 20 April 2015

Fairs, Fetes & Farmers Markets

Hello everyone! With yesterday spent wandering endless stalls piled with mouth watering food and will power testing goodies it's time for another 'Fairs, Fetes and Farmers Markets'.

My house is situated on a street just off Sharrow Vale Road so I'm in prime location for the Sharrow Vale Market. Each month this quaint road plays host to many local makers and bakers selling artisan goods direct to the public; a great opportunity particularly for businesses who may not necessarily own a shop. Meeting up with Charlotte we shuffled our way through the crowds, our tactic being down the street looking at all the stalls on the left hand side, then back up on the right! We're pros when it comes to markets and are both small luckily so perfect for sneaking though gaps of people!

Hydrangea's are one of my favourite plants and I was really tempted by these!

Don't blame that Lab one bit, that bread looks incredible!

Popped into the Vintage Tableware Company shop, its such a pretty place and it's always nice to see Staffordshire Pottery away from home!

The Broadfield were at it again! Another gorgeous stall!

We spent the day drooling over the food stalls and lusting after handmade items, giving in occasionally we both came away with a few sweet things each and I treated myself to some lovely little earrings in the shape of tiny sewing scissors.  

If you've never been to Sharrow Vale Market its one you should really check it out, just make sure you go with an empty bag and an empty stomach!


Monday, 13 April 2015

Laughs, Loves & Little Things

Well last week saw the start of the good weather for us in Sheffield and I've been trying to make the most of it. I'm so typically English and will openly admit that as soon as there's a ray of sunshine that's it, the sandals are on, sun cream is out and I'm off to the shop getting the BBQ food in. Something I really love about our country, is that because we rarely have nice weather as a nation we really do appreciate it when its here! Finger's crossed we get another week of this!

1. Bank holiday Monday spent exploring and picnicking in the Peak District with Neil, Ben and Stacey.

2. I had chance to stop by at the Millennium Gallery to see The Illustrated Aviary exhibition. I loved the taxidermy birds especially these skins of hummingbirds wrapped in old newspaper and stored in a cigar box. There was also a large hanging piece by my favourite textile artist Mister Finch, so pleased I got to see this! 

3. Headed straight to the Botanical Gardens from work to enjoy the last few rays of sunshine.

4. Curry night with Neil, he doesn't half rustle up a good curry. In fact he's pretty good at rustling up really tasty meals with what ever ingredients he has in, a true waste not want not kinda guy!

5. My friend Kit from work handmade me this lovely bag.

6. Had our first Pimm's and Lemonade of the year sat in the sun.

7. Breakfast at The Rude Shipyard and exploring Hagglers Corner with Charlotte.

8. Tried out my Birdhouse Full Monty tea which I picked up whilst at the Nether Edge Farmers Market

9. My housemate Huw and I checked out the Sharrow Lantern Carnival.


Sunday, 12 April 2015

Breakfasts & Brunches

A Breakfast Fit for a Sailor!

Breakfast is 100% my favourite meal of the day, its the time where its acceptable to give into your sweet tooth opting for a stack of pancakes drizzled with maple syrup or feed the meat eater in you with a hearty fry up; literally anything goes! With working during the week I normally have a quick bowl of natural yogurt topped with fruit, honey and granola so on the weekends I like to treat myself with a Full English, especially when brunching out. 

Charlotte and I are both morning people and love to get out and about early so a breakfast date is perfect for us. We've decided to visit different Sheffield cafes each time we meet, starting up a collaborative breakfast series. Our first port of call is a little cafe called The Rude Shipyard down on Abbeydale Road.

Well its safe to say we found some buried treasure! This cafe is just perfect, so homely and relaxing I honestly felt completely at ease there. The vintage choice of decor and music just fits so well and there where three very eye catching paintings of a fisherman, I was visualising where these would hang in my imaginary future home!

We chose a table by the window and didn't realise until afterwards it was actually an old foot powered singer sewing machine base! The breakfast was fantastic, good quality free range produce and all freshly made to order, I particularly enjoyed the potato cakes which were a nice change from hash browns.

 Everything from the wooden floors to the rustic nic naks just felt warm and welcoming, like you were at an old friend's house, you could just hang out there all day chatting over cups of tea. Charlotte and I caught up on a few things, we hadn't seen each other for a couple of weeks so there was plenty to chat about, we also discussed our next stop (watch this space).

So all hands on deck! Get yourselves down to The Rude Shipyard for a hearty breakfast and a first mate's welcome!

The Rude Shipyard

Head over to Charlotte on Salt Deep to check out her side of the story!

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