Friday, 27 March 2015

Laughs, Loves & Little Things

Well it's time for the second installment of my laughs, loves and little things and I’ve plenty to share with you; the weathers picked up slightly and so have my adventures. The lighter nights make it easier to fit things in after work and the sunshine even paired with the cold breeze still seems to make everyone a lot happier; the realisation has finally hit that Spring has started!

1. First up is my super spag bol packed with tonnes of veg to fight of the first signs of a cold, and touch wood its worked so far! - Get yourself some good quality mince from the butchers, a large can of chopped tomatoes, two cloves of garlic and any veg of your choice the more the better, I went for courgette, aubergine, red pepper, chili and red onion. Season well with salt, pepper, basil, oregano and to finish some Henderson's Relish! This relish is local to Sheffield and tops most sauces and gravy based meals off perfectly.

2. I went for a spot of breakfast with Charlotte to Marmadukes in the city center I of course had the Full English and Charlotte went for the pancakes. I have to say the homemade baked beans were a real treat and if you're looking for a high quality breakfast I would really recommend this cafe!
We spent the majority of the day together blogging and chatting away about different ideas.

3. Had a little wander round the florists, I love a fresh bunch of beautifully coloured flowers in the house - I should buy flowers more often.

4. I made a really tasty Chicken and Cashew Nut Stir Fry in my cute little wok for one whilst Neil was away in Newcastle. Wow this really is turning into a food diary rather than a round up of my week, its probably due to working full time and then coming home to cook - this is my down time and I enjoy being in the kitchen. 

5. Sundays are definitely breakfast in bed days and last Sunday was no exception, I made myself some French Toast topped with fresh fruit, syrup and icing sugar! It was also market day check out my previous post on the Nether Edge Farmers Market if you haven't already.  

6. Enjoyed some of the sunshine sat in the Botanical Gardens in Sheffield, the flowers were out, as was the ice cream man, and for the first time this year I went out in shoes without socks on!!!

7. Neil headed back from Newcastle with his dad and we spent the evening together drinking some real ale in my favourite place on Ecclesall Road, The Beer House Micro Pub.

8. Meet Charlie! My Birthday present from Neil! I'd been promised this gift but had been told it needed to be collected from Newcastle, and once I opened it I understood why... a taxidermy fox head! Neil always buys me great gifts and he has really out done himself this time! I don't think there's many women who would like a fox head from their boyfriend but for me its the perfect present.
I'll be sure to let you all know how Charlie is settling in!


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