Monday, 9 March 2015

Warm Windy Weekend

Well its been warm for the first time this year over the weekend and who better to share the sunshine with than Neil and our friends Ben and Charlotte of Salt Deep. We headed out on a spontaneous trip into the Peak District up to Stanage Edge which was wildly windy but surprisingly warm.

I love this photo Charlotte captured, it's like one you'd find in your mum and dad's old photo album.

Charlotte's written a great post on what we got up to, head over to Salt Deep and check out her great photos of our time in the Peaks yesterday.

Its my Birthday this Friday, arghh 23!! I've not really planned anything apart from booking from Thursday to Monday off work so I have a lovely 5 day weekend. I do know some good food and a few drinks will definitely be on the cards, I'll be sure to fill you in on the details particularly if Neil takes part in the 'Battle of the Birthday Bakes' we all want to know whose baking is better, don't we?!


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