Sunday, 3 July 2016

Canada || Vancouver & Victoria

Going on holiday is always exciting, but when that holiday also means seeing your boyfriend for the first time in 6 months, it's excitement on a whole new level!
Neil has been in Canada since last November and after a hard winter without one another I decided it was time I packed up my bag (inconveniently large suitcase) and headed out there for a couple of weeks.
I'd never flown by myself before, any other holidays had been with my family or trips with college and university so I was pretty nervous, mainly about navigating my way through the airport and getting on the right plane, rather than the flying alone part.
My parents drove me to the airport and checked my bag in with me, then it was time to go it alone. Once I'd gone through security and found where my gate was I felt fine, and had a few hours to kill so just spent my time looking round the duty free and drinking coffee.
The flight was nine and a half hours long and went quite quickly, though I'd forgotten how cramped airplanes were, in your head you always imagine them being more spacious.
I landed in Canada just after lunch time and after collecting my suitcase headed towards the exit... and there he was, my Geordie man, holding a hand written sign which read 'Miss Alexandra Norcup'.
Yes, it was like a scene from a rom-com!
After our emotional greeting we jumped on a train and headed into Vancouver city center to start our adventure!


Once we'd checked into the hotel we headed out to find somewhere to have dinner and stumbled upon Home St. Cafe & Bar. The food was incredible, and we sat outside on their heated terrace for a couple of hours before the jet lag kicked in and we headed back to the hotel.

Continuing to dine like Kings, the next day Neil took me for breakfast at a place he'd been to before, Medina. I can honestly say its the fanciest breakfast I've ever had! I went for the Wolves Breakfast, In-House Cured Peameal Bacon, Double Smoked Medina Bacon, Andouille & Merguez Sausage adding a fried egg, and we both finished off with a waffle for desert! Both courses were incredible, so tasty; if you are ever in Downton Vancouver you have to visit this place!

After all that indulgence we decided we had better burn off some calories, so what better way than hiring some bikes and cycling around Stanley Park.

Lions Gate Bridge

We stopped off at 'English Bay' to feel the sand between our toes, before heading into the forest down 'Lover's Walk' trail to the beautiful, lily pad filled Beaver Lake.

Beaver Lake

So after a glorious couple of days exploring Vancouver we decided to hop on a ferry and head over to Vancouver Island for a night in Victoria.

This is my fisherman's wife look.

Victoria is the most British influenced part of British Columbia, and it definitely had a feeling of familiarity as we wandered round the city and through the parks.

The tallest totem pole in the world.

 After a lovely walk down to the drift wood covered beach, back dropped with mountains we were feeling a bit peckish. We'd been using Neil's Lonely Planet Canada Book a lot for places to visit on our travels, and one of the recommendations for places to eat in Victoria was a little fish and chip bar right on the dock called 'Red Fish Blue Fish'.

Possibly the best fish and chips I've ever had, and the added factor of sitting looking out at the sea whilst eating, just topped it off perfectly. The food was so fresh, with a twist on traditional fish and chips; I absolutely loved this place.

Saying goodbye to Vancouver Island we headed back on the ferry to Vancouver to start the next part of our adventure... Whistler.

To be continued...

Sorry to leave you on a cliff hanger but there is much more to come and I simply couldn't fit it all in one post!

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