Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Castle & The Coastline

Two days back at work, and what a struggle it’s been after the lovely long weekend we've had. The gorgeous weather Sheffield is currently experiencing isn't helping either. It seems such a waste to be sat inside when the sun is shining, us Brits know only too well it wont last! Is it sunny where you are? How did you spend your Easter?

As planned Neil and I headed up to Newcastle on Friday to visit his parents, the drive up was a little miserable combining rain and roadworks, and it was a relief to get there. I always feel very welcome in the Dixon household and as I've said before get treated like a princess! The evening was spent relaxing, eating and catching up with some of Neil's friends. Waking up on Saturday morning we headed out early and set off on route to the coast with his family. I love how easy it is to get to the sea when we're up there!

Our first stop was Bamburgh Castle which dates back to 500 AD, situated 150 feet up on the cliffs above the beach this historic structure has a very formidable approach.

We wandered around admiring the architecture and after a flask of tea and a scone each we headed down to the nearby fishing village of Seahouses for some fish and chips by the sea; it doesn't get more British than that does it?

Bamburgh Castle in the distance.
After a lovely family meal, Neil and I headed into the city for a night of cocktails, so we started off in The Botanist. This place is fantastic and the roof terrace is so different, you have to check it out if you're about in Newcastle! I think its my new favourite bar! 

It's not often you get a tree growing out of the bar!

We moved on to a German themed bar which Neil had heard about, and to be honest I'd been picturing something very authentic and quite sophisticated, but boy was I wrong...

The Bier Keller is based underground, these cellars are filled with lines of long tables and benches which of course everyone is up dancing on. This is the perfect place for a student night out, or with a large group of friends, it's not really a couples night out if I'm honest. We did get in the spirit though and each had a stein, though it was nearly bigger than me!! 

Sunday morning we woke to glorious sunshine and without a hangover which was a nice surprise so we took a little trip over to The Angel of the North before heading home. 


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