Saturday, 9 April 2016

Spring Sun & The Three Shepherds

After a long winter any little glimmer of spring sunshine is enough to head out doors and even though a jumper is still needed, feeling the warm sunlight on my face makes me feel instantly happy.
So yesterday as the sun started to creep out from behind the clouds, my Mum and I decided to take the dogs to join my Nana and her two German Shepherds for an adventure.
We met at Marshes Hill in Brown Edge; this is my Nana's usual stomping ground and she knows the route (and the best fields for ball throwing) like the back of her hand.

Kessie, Archie & Cleo - German Shepherds

If you have ever tried getting 3 dogs in focus in one photo you will understand the struggle I had, especially when tennis balls are being throw from all angles; I am pretty pleased with how these ones turned out though!

Belle - Jack Russel X Patterdale

Believe it or not Belle is the trouble maker of the group and despite her size would actually try to take on all three German Shepherds if she had the chance, so she is kept on the lead and stuck with me for the majority of the walk, therefore unfortunately not featuring in any group photos.

How are you enjoying the Spring sunshine? 
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