Saturday, 27 December 2014

Snow is Falling

Hope everyone’s had a lovely few days, it always seems to go too fast doesn't it? I've spent my Christmas eating plenty of cheese, drinking way too early in the day and lounging around with the dogs. I've had an assortment of gifts from socks and books to a new camera and even a wand (my brother recently visited the Harry Potter Warner Brothers Studio Tour) but how gorgeous are these lovely pine cone earrings my parents got me from Hush.

It’s felt rather Christmassy today after a blanket of snow hit us last night, causing a major power cut so our Boxing Day evening was spent playing scrabble by candle light; it ruined my plans of watching the Christmas Downton Abbey Episode I've got recorded, but having no electricity did transport me back to that era I suppose.

Snow in the countryside is always prettier than the city
Not a footprint in sight

I love being out in the snow but after a while it does get rather cold so I spent the afternoon inside on my sewing machine. I got the ‘Gertie Sews Vintage Casual’ book for Christmas so have tested out the simple pencil skirt pattern. It’s a quick and easy sew, which suits me as I often get impatience when sewing garments; I like good results fast! 

I am really pleased with the finished skirt, and with the help of my mum I’m planning to make a matching jacket - finished pictures to follow as I am currently in my new pajamas snuggled up on the sofa.

My parents chose a very handsome tree this year
Merry Christmas to all of you, have you got your New Years Eve party plans sorted? I must confess mine looks like it’s going to be a quiet one, unless I make some quick last minute arrangements.


Sunday, 21 December 2014

Getting Merry!

Christmas is nearly upon us guys, is everyone ready? I've been very busy enjoying the festivities and haven't posted in a while. My days have been spent gift shopping and my nights snuggled up inside with plenty of mince pies and mulled wine.

Our tree is looking rather pretty though it has had to be decorated twice due to it having a little accident and collapsing on us.

I've just finished wrapping all my presents in some lovely paper from Wilkinsons and I'm now all packed ready to travel back to my parents house in the country. I cant wait!

I met up with my friend Charlotte earlier today for a last catch up before Christmas and we tried out the new micro pub at Hunters Bar, The Beer House. A very friendly and cosy pub with great atmosphere and local ales, we will definitely be visiting again.

Hope your all enjoying the festive season!

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Sheffield Antiques Quarter Christmas Market

Sundays are the best, and I have just spent mine wandering round the Sheffield Antiques Quarter Christmas Market. There were some lovely stalls and its really helped get me into the Christmas spirit, not that I need much encouragement, I love Christmas!! We went prepared with mince pies and a flask of mulled wine, perfect for the cold conditions.

After we'd polished off the wine, we decided to head inside the old Abbeydale Picture House for a top up. I'd never been inside before, it's such a quirky place full of character and old style charm, my photos really don't do it justice!

Minion and Darth Vader wood burners.

Just a few doors down from here is the Dronfield Antiques Shop which is just bizarre, I felt like I was in the Weasley's house. There's so much antique furniture crammed into this place, room after room of chairs, dressers, and tables all stacked up, with mirrors filling any bit of wall space. 

Not a great photo, but where else would you see a boars head in the window!

Feeling like I'd fallen into the looking glass, I just about managed to navigate my way round the shop and find the exit. I definitely recommend a visit!

I can't quite believe I came back empty handed, that never happens. Never the less I had a lovely day, and have realised how quickly Christmas is approaching, I had better get my shopping done.


Wey Aye Man!

I went on a little adventure last weekend! As I have a Geordie man in my life I thought it was about time I ventured ‘Up North’ to see the great Newcastle! The drive up was less than enjoyable with a road closure adding a nice hour onto our already long journey, but once I set my eyes on the mighty ‘Angel of the North’ standing strong and proud, I knew we had finally arrived.

You really don't realise the sheer scale of the sculpture until you get up close, its an incredible feat of art and engineering, of which I couldn't resist getting up close and tickling its feet!

On Saturday I was introduced to the nightlife up there and given the full Geordie experience, I must admit I struggle enough understanding one Geordie never mind a city full, but after a few drinks the universal language of alcohol kicked in and it didn't seem to matter.

Waking up on the Sunday morning feeling a bit worse for wear we wrapped up and headed to the coast. What better cure for a hangover than the cold, fresh North Sea breeze? I had missed the seaside, living in the middle of the country means trips to the beach are few and far between. (I've made a mental note to visit the coast more often.)

Both wearing our hand knitted hats, courtesy of my Nana. 

Have to say I'm quite pleased with the perfectly timed seagull in this photo.

After the tranquility of the beach, it was back to the city to explore where we wandered down to the Quayside through the bustling Sunday market, and along the Millennium Bridge to the Baltic Art Gallery. From the top you get a great view of the city and the gallery itself is a towered blend of varied artists with something for everyone's taste.

We popped into the BrewDog for half a Pumpkinhead Ale before arriving back at his parents house for a lovely family meal. 

Newcastle truly is a beautiful city... I'm already planning my next visit.


Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Hello and welcome everyone, I’m Alex! For my first post I thought I had better introduce myself, and what better way to do that than sharing with you a list of some of my most favourite things in life. I hope you share some of my interests and enjoy finding out a little bit about me.
  • Crisp mornings – The ones that take your breath away, as the grass crunches beneath your boots.
  • Downton Abbey – The clothes.. the elegance.. the countryside. It’s everything I love with added drama and suspense.
  • Bunting- Come on everyone there is simply just not enough bunting in the world! Sadly the boys I live with won’t allow it out of my room.
  • British Animals – I have always loved animals but just recently I noticed that I comment on anything with a British animal on; a bag featuring a rather quirky looking hare, an owl on a tea towel, a fox on some socks or a stag stood proudly on a cushion.
  • Sheffield – The place I chose to spend three years of my life whilst studying for my degree. I couldn’t bear to say goodbye to this wonderful city and have continued living here with four friends.
  • Sewing – Creating something with stitch is so satisfying, there’s nothing better than spending a day making.
  • Tweed – So typically British everything about tweed fabric screams heritage and tradition.
These are just a few of the things I love, and on this blog I plan to share with you the little details in my life which make me happiest. I hope you enjoy what’s to come.
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