Thursday, 26 February 2015

Moreish Malt Loaf

Where are you spring? It's so cold at the moment, and living in a student house doesn't help even when the heating is on I still feel the need to wear gloves indoors; as soon as I get in from work the dressing gown is on. So it was a nice change to spend last weekend warm and well fed at my parents house. The weekend went quickly with a blanket of snow ruining my plans of horse riding and permitting me to a day of lounging around the warm house (what a shame).

Whilst at home I was given my Great-Grandmother's Malt Loaf recipe which has been passed down through the generations finally to me - I had a go at making it yesterday inspired by The Great Comic Relief Bake Off and it turned out perfect! 

It was so easy and quick to make, and will last ages in a tin. Sticky and sweet it goes perfect buttered with a cup of tea whilst you're snuggled up in your dressing gown; the only problem once you start you can't stop eating it, it's so moreish!

Buttered Malt Loaf and a Cup of Strong Yorkshire Tea

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, I've got a few more baking projects lined up so i'll be sure to keep you informed. 


Saturday, 14 February 2015

Embroidered Valentines Card

I've had the past two days off work, so I had chance to get out the sewing machine and get creative. I love free hand machine embroidery and needed to make a Valentines card for Neil, this idea had been in my head for a while. At Christmas I made a few stags head cards for friends and family and using the same design I've added a romantic twist. 

The card turned out exactly as I'd imagined it and I love the facial expression of the stag he doesn't look too please about being decorated; I can't wait to give it to Neil later. I'm a typical girl when it comes to Valentines Day, I love flowers and romantic gestures however teddy bears holding love hearts are definitely off limits. 

I hope you all have a loved filled day, whatever you're up to and whoever you're spending it with! 

Happy Valentines Day!

Sunday, 8 February 2015

How I Spent My Sunday #1

Sunday is definitely my favourite day.. after Friday of course. Just lately I seem to accidentally be having fantastic Sundays. Not really any planning or preparation involved just lovely spontaneous Sundays! 

This one was spent as usual with Neil, starting with a lie in, strictly no alarms allowed! Then I get a cup of tea brought to me in bed, followed by the smell of bacon cooking away, just the perfect wake up! 

After a lazy morning we both got wrapped up and headed out to discover a gloriously sunny and surprisingly warm day!


Man of the Woods

Tree Antlers

Having a splash about!

After wandering round the park we decided to stop off at Brocco on the Park for a hot beverage. We sat out in the lovely seating area and wrapped ourselves up in the tweed blankets (I love little touches like that.)

I'm a sucka for a good English Breakfast Tea in a pretty cup and saucer, and for a Potteries born girl like me it's so nice to see it's Made in Britain! 

Neil getting a bit carried away with the sugar.
How did you spend your Sunday? I hope you managed to get out and about, or even better stayed snuggled up inside! Sunday the day of rest and adventure!


Sunday, 1 February 2015

January in Photos

Ah the 1st of February, I'm glad January is out of the way to be honest, its definitely my least favorite month. I have had some nice moments, though I feel I've spent most of the days snuggled up in hibernation. Here's a little recap of what I've got up to last month.

I'd just like to reassure you that the hat does actually come off my head occasionally!

Hope you're all well.


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