Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Save Sharrow's Streetlights

Today's post is taking a different view from the normal food photos, fairs I've visited and the lovely day to day things I get up to, and instead is being dedicated to lampposts! Now I know that doesn't sound very thrilling, but these aren't just any lampposts they are the 83 Victorian Lampposts around Sharrow Vale (my home) which are in a few days reported to be ripped out by the council and sold for scrap, replaced with modern LED ones.

I'm sure you are all aware of my passion for the past and my obsession with anything quaint and vintage so this destruction of history seems totally absurd to me. Wouldn't you agree?
Campaigners in my local area have set up a petition for the public to sign, expressing their wishes to keep the existing posts and simply modify them. I have signed this petition and urge anyone who hasn't to please get down to the Newsagents on Sharrow Vale Road and sign to save our quirky lampposts! They are something that makes our community unique and stand out from the ordinary, and are definitely worth preserving.

I believe heritage and tradition is worth fighting for, I know that we all need change to move forward but I'm a strong believer in preservation and recycling, so I see no reason why these Streetlights could not be fixed up and reused.

Please help, and sign the petition!
SOS - Save Our Streetlights


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