Monday, 20 April 2015

Fairs, Fetes & Farmers Markets

Hello everyone! With yesterday spent wandering endless stalls piled with mouth watering food and will power testing goodies it's time for another 'Fairs, Fetes and Farmers Markets'.

My house is situated on a street just off Sharrow Vale Road so I'm in prime location for the Sharrow Vale Market. Each month this quaint road plays host to many local makers and bakers selling artisan goods direct to the public; a great opportunity particularly for businesses who may not necessarily own a shop. Meeting up with Charlotte we shuffled our way through the crowds, our tactic being down the street looking at all the stalls on the left hand side, then back up on the right! We're pros when it comes to markets and are both small luckily so perfect for sneaking though gaps of people!

Hydrangea's are one of my favourite plants and I was really tempted by these!

Don't blame that Lab one bit, that bread looks incredible!

Popped into the Vintage Tableware Company shop, its such a pretty place and it's always nice to see Staffordshire Pottery away from home!

The Broadfield were at it again! Another gorgeous stall!

We spent the day drooling over the food stalls and lusting after handmade items, giving in occasionally we both came away with a few sweet things each and I treated myself to some lovely little earrings in the shape of tiny sewing scissors.  

If you've never been to Sharrow Vale Market its one you should really check it out, just make sure you go with an empty bag and an empty stomach!


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