Sunday, 12 April 2015

Breakfasts & Brunches

A Breakfast Fit for a Sailor!

Breakfast is 100% my favourite meal of the day, its the time where its acceptable to give into your sweet tooth opting for a stack of pancakes drizzled with maple syrup or feed the meat eater in you with a hearty fry up; literally anything goes! With working during the week I normally have a quick bowl of natural yogurt topped with fruit, honey and granola so on the weekends I like to treat myself with a Full English, especially when brunching out. 

Charlotte and I are both morning people and love to get out and about early so a breakfast date is perfect for us. We've decided to visit different Sheffield cafes each time we meet, starting up a collaborative breakfast series. Our first port of call is a little cafe called The Rude Shipyard down on Abbeydale Road.

Well its safe to say we found some buried treasure! This cafe is just perfect, so homely and relaxing I honestly felt completely at ease there. The vintage choice of decor and music just fits so well and there where three very eye catching paintings of a fisherman, I was visualising where these would hang in my imaginary future home!

We chose a table by the window and didn't realise until afterwards it was actually an old foot powered singer sewing machine base! The breakfast was fantastic, good quality free range produce and all freshly made to order, I particularly enjoyed the potato cakes which were a nice change from hash browns.

 Everything from the wooden floors to the rustic nic naks just felt warm and welcoming, like you were at an old friend's house, you could just hang out there all day chatting over cups of tea. Charlotte and I caught up on a few things, we hadn't seen each other for a couple of weeks so there was plenty to chat about, we also discussed our next stop (watch this space).

So all hands on deck! Get yourselves down to The Rude Shipyard for a hearty breakfast and a first mate's welcome!

The Rude Shipyard

Head over to Charlotte on Salt Deep to check out her side of the story!


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