Monday, 13 April 2015

Laughs, Loves & Little Things

Well last week saw the start of the good weather for us in Sheffield and I've been trying to make the most of it. I'm so typically English and will openly admit that as soon as there's a ray of sunshine that's it, the sandals are on, sun cream is out and I'm off to the shop getting the BBQ food in. Something I really love about our country, is that because we rarely have nice weather as a nation we really do appreciate it when its here! Finger's crossed we get another week of this!

1. Bank holiday Monday spent exploring and picnicking in the Peak District with Neil, Ben and Stacey.

2. I had chance to stop by at the Millennium Gallery to see The Illustrated Aviary exhibition. I loved the taxidermy birds especially these skins of hummingbirds wrapped in old newspaper and stored in a cigar box. There was also a large hanging piece by my favourite textile artist Mister Finch, so pleased I got to see this! 

3. Headed straight to the Botanical Gardens from work to enjoy the last few rays of sunshine.

4. Curry night with Neil, he doesn't half rustle up a good curry. In fact he's pretty good at rustling up really tasty meals with what ever ingredients he has in, a true waste not want not kinda guy!

5. My friend Kit from work handmade me this lovely bag.

6. Had our first Pimm's and Lemonade of the year sat in the sun.

7. Breakfast at The Rude Shipyard and exploring Hagglers Corner with Charlotte.

8. Tried out my Birdhouse Full Monty tea which I picked up whilst at the Nether Edge Farmers Market

9. My housemate Huw and I checked out the Sharrow Lantern Carnival.


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