Sunday, 7 December 2014

Sheffield Antiques Quarter Christmas Market

Sundays are the best, and I have just spent mine wandering round the Sheffield Antiques Quarter Christmas Market. There were some lovely stalls and its really helped get me into the Christmas spirit, not that I need much encouragement, I love Christmas!! We went prepared with mince pies and a flask of mulled wine, perfect for the cold conditions.

After we'd polished off the wine, we decided to head inside the old Abbeydale Picture House for a top up. I'd never been inside before, it's such a quirky place full of character and old style charm, my photos really don't do it justice!

Minion and Darth Vader wood burners.

Just a few doors down from here is the Dronfield Antiques Shop which is just bizarre, I felt like I was in the Weasley's house. There's so much antique furniture crammed into this place, room after room of chairs, dressers, and tables all stacked up, with mirrors filling any bit of wall space. 

Not a great photo, but where else would you see a boars head in the window!

Feeling like I'd fallen into the looking glass, I just about managed to navigate my way round the shop and find the exit. I definitely recommend a visit!

I can't quite believe I came back empty handed, that never happens. Never the less I had a lovely day, and have realised how quickly Christmas is approaching, I had better get my shopping done.


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