Sunday, 10 May 2015

Breakfasts & Brunches

A Very Crafty Breakfast!

So Charlotte and I started our breakfast collaboration off at 'The Rude Shipyard' and this time we chose to head to the other side of town to Kelham Island to visit 'Craft and Dough'. We sacrificed our ladies morning and decided to stir things up a bit by inviting the men along. Ben and Neil have been close friends for nearly four years now and Charlotte and I met through them, so it seemed only right to let them in on the brunch fun!

Craft and Dough is in a great location situated right next to the Kelham Island Museum, I love this area of Sheffield, there are lots of quirky cafes and little businesses popping up everywhere; its definitely a place to watch for the future.

The decor has a very rustic charm with the contrast of wood and metal throughout, I particularly liked the crystal whisky decanter lampshades above the bar.

Neil was the only one who went for the Full English, the rest of us chose pancakes topped with maple syrup and bacon and I couldn't believe how good they were. Scotch pancakes are actually a specialty of mine, check out the ones I made for Neil's Birthday breakfast in bed here.

We spent the morning chatting away and then took a trip over to see Ben and Charlotte's new house.

So if you want a tasty brunch with a cool rustic feel get yourself down to Craft and Dough, you could even combine it with a visit to the Kelham Island Museum.

Craft and Dough



  1. What a great trip and hubby would love that full English!

    1. Hey Josie, yeah if you're ever in the area you should pop by, they use all locally sourced ingredients. Neil said the Yorkshire sausage was really good! xx


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